Gourmet Diamonds an exclusive private club of luxury artisans and fine food connoisseurs.

Unlike alternative members’ clubs, which frequently concentrate on wealth and standing, we are directed towards people who share a common desire: to serve the most selected, exclusive and unique gourmet experiences, masters in their art who strive for excellence with a spirit  of service.

Access to this virtual lounge is granted to all registered members. Membership is by invitation only.

We offer five types of membership for Gourmet Diamonds: artisan masters, connoisseur buyers, institutional members, event organisers, and influencers.

Membership to Gourmet Diamonds gives you access to all club spaces and facilities, as well as our event programming calendar for members.

Register online with your secrete code, if you have already received such an invitation.

This club room on Internet offers buyer-vendor matchmaking based on specific buyers’ requests, pre-meeting information exchange, face-to-face meetings during selected events, and after sales support.

As a returning member go directly to your dashboard to receive updates of our activities.


Your Gourmet Diamond Team.